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Transmitted from the future, a fictional history is presented that recounts the beginnings of a matriarchal society birthed inside of the abandoned suburban pools of Los Angeles in the summer of 2019. As a result of the Trump era administration, the aftermath of the Kavanaugh trial, nationwide abortion bans, the lack of a federal recognition of the equal rights amendment, income inequality between the sexes, and a yearning for female-identified leadership, the matriarchal founders of this new comradery were empowered to take action. 


Initially, gaining traction was difficult for this group as their ideas were violently objected by the status quo, and they were banished to the fringes of society with their dreams disintegrating before them. They found a symbolic sense of place within the detritus of the Los Angeles suburban landscape in which they could build upon using what they had on hand: napkins to clean up the mess, cardboard to build their shelters, pool floaties to support themselves, clay from mother earth, social-media to spread their message and create community, and hammers adopted as their resounding symbol.  


Playful yet sincere, the installation at ARVIA presents a collection of these artifacts of cultural and historical importance to educate about the beginnings of the matriarchal founders and their tireless actions to take down and smash the patriarchy, in order to build a community based on creativity and collaboration. "Faster, Hammers... We're Almost There!" offers a glimpse into the hopeful actions of those oppressed to remain resilient in their efforts to build a more inclusive and just society.



The concept of Arvia was born out of necessity to preserve tangible context in viewing contemporary art and to offer space to fellow artists to work, think and live.

Arvia is a site of creative production, co-run by Andrew Cortes and Anne Marie Taylor. Growing up, Andrew watched his grandfather work and build in the sheds at the back of the property where his studio is now. The outdoor communal space functions as a resource for friends and artists to work on individual projects, and has organically developed to include exhibitions of a site-specific nature, having been either conceived or built onsite or made specifically for the space.
The main house has been open as an intimate residency for artists, architects and photographers since spring 2016.

Solo Exhibition
Faster, Hammers...We're Almost There!
@ ARVIA Los Angeles
Opening Aug. 18th, 3-8pm